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Night Out with an Alien

Three friends on a drunken night out meet an alien.

All three are unable to get into the club, so they go on various other drunken adventures.

The video ends in a kebab shop. The alien overloads his chips with salt. It’s poisonous to his species, and he melts like a slug.

The Alien

Bottoms Up


Moving On...

More Friends

Nothing to see here

Few Scoops

Blind Drunk

Story Synopsis

Night Out with an Alien

A queue for a nightclub. Three friends are refused entry because they’re wearing trainers. Other people with smart shoes behind them are let in. The friends are devastated.

An alien is next in the queue. A bright green alien with scaly skin. The bouncer takes no notice of how strange he looks. Instead he points to the alien’s bare feet and refuses him entry.

The three friends see this happen and invite the alien to join their group.

They go to a quiet pub. Inside, old men sip pints and play pool. The friends and the alien hit the bar hard: a pretty barmaid serves shot after shot after shot. They end up dancing on the pool table. The barmaid dances with the alien.

Now they’re out on the street. The barmaid and one of the old men is with them. They’re stealing traffic cones and causing chaos.

A policeman comes after them. The alien gets caught and is about to be cuffed. Just as it seems like the night is over … the alien spits gooey bile into the cop’s face and they flee.

We end in a kebab shop. The alien, three friends, barmaid and old man – all completely hammered, eat fast food. The alien, having discovered salt for the first time, adds an entire shaker’s worth onto his chips. As he stuff salty fries into his mouth it starts to have a poisoning effect on his body. Before you know it, he’s melted into a gooey puddle on the floor.

The end.


The Underdog Wins

The comedy in this video aims to compliment the humour of the track.

At times the lyrics will match funny moments in the scene, with characters mouthing the words.

There’s an underlying message of friendship and inclusivity. The attitude of the friends is to welcome anyone that wants to party with them.

As cocky and absurd as the alien is, he always comes out on top. He escapes the bad guy and he gets the girl. His time on earth fleeting, but he goes out in a hedonistic blaze of glory.

Old Man Pub and London Street Locations

Night Time Shoot

Filmaker Bio

We are PRISM

We are a creative production company based in London, UK. We’re passionate about music videos and specialise in short form storytelling.

Fully equipped with in-house top of the range lighting and camera equipment, we are able to maximise budgets for all our projects, ensuring the highest production standards are always achieved.

Prism director Dino Kazamia’s short comedy film “Kidnapped” screened at Austin Film Festival last year. DP James Duffy has shot for household names from Rebel Sound to brands like Vice and Samsung.

Fashion Film

Fashion film produced for men’s label Gresham Blake.


A selection of featured work produced by the Prism team.

Music Video

Music Video for Irish electro/rock band Franco Fire.

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