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A lifetime in 30 seconds.

Dumex. The start of their story.

A mother in the 90s, feeding her child Dumex.  We see them grow up together: birthdays, school, university, marriage etc.  We end with the daughter, now an adult, with her own baby.  Just her like mother, she feeds her child Dumex.  The grandmother watches on.

Tag line: Dumex. The start of their story.

This is a universal story that pulls at the heartstrings. Its epic scope connects the emotional rollercoaster of parenting with the dependable presence of Dumex.










A lifetime in 30 seconds

We open in the kitchen of an affluent, middle-class home.  A young mother is feeding her two year old daughter at the table.  Her clothing and the decor tell us this is 90s.  She feeds her daughter Dumex.  The container is wrapped in 90s branding.

Then we are in the park.  The daughter, now six, is running around wearing a birthday hat. She trips and cuts her knee.  Her mother kisses her on the head to ease her tears and puts a band aid on the wound.

Next we’re outside a school.  The daughter is 12.  Her mum gives her a hug and she walks nervously through the gate.

In the car with mother and daughter.  The mother, dressed in a business suit, is on the phone to a client.  She’s also trying to talk to her 16 year old daughter in the back seat.  The daughter has headphones in and is not listening to her mother.  She turns up the volume on her ipod (we’re in the 2000s).

Unpacking the car at a university campus.  The mother is crying as she hands her 18 year old daughter a suitcase and waves goodbye.

The mother is still crying as confetti flies.  We’re at a wedding.  The daughter and her new husband kiss. The mother takes a video on her smartphone (we’re in the 2010s).

We end full circle, in a kitchen in the present day.  The daughter, now in her late 20s, is feeding her baby.  The mother, now a grandmother, sits next her, watching on proudly.  The baby food is Dumex, wrapped in contemporary branding.

Tag line VO and super: “Dumex. The start of their story.”

The end sequence pack shot shows the evolution of Dumex pack design over the years: dissolving through 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s and ending on the current design. The background props and colour grade of the edit fit each period through the evolution.


Our Chinese/pan-Asian casting will reflect a Singapore family from child to mother and finally to grandparent and grandaughter.


Sourced UK locations and our shooting/editing style will make the setting indistinguishable from Singapore.  Selective framing and set extensions will make locations seem geographically and culturally nonspecific.


The start of their story.

“No matter what ‘type’ of mum you are, you always strive to give the best to your child”.

This is the key idea at the heart of the campaign.  We present motherhood in its different forms across the generations: whether staying at home to look after the kids, or juggling a busy work life with parenting responsibilities.  It’s a struggle, but it’s also a joyful experience, filled with proud memories.  These are snapshot flashbacks to the formative episodes of youth.

It’s important to capture attention quickly. Showing a child grow up in swift, seamless montage attracts a viewers curiosity.

We want to maintain a cinematic style throughout, with the brand being introduced naturally, without appearing forced. In the first scene we see a Dumex container on the kitchen table. This isn’t a packshot, it’s just part of the scene – the mother feeding her child.

This is a heartfelt story about the relationship between mother and child across generations – a perfect fit for Mother’s Day.  But it’s also a universal story and could comfortably play at any time of the year.


Integrate Dumex within an emotional narrative and encourage brand advocacy.


18 – 35 year old mothers of young children relate to an identifiable narrative.

Cross Platform Compatability
Customised videos for mobile devices.
Blogs, websites and desktop viewing.

Nostalgic memories presented cinematically evoke a maternal feeling that resonates with young mothers.


Content has a life cycle across platforms beyond the initial impact of Mother’s Day.

Strong emotional drivers make people care and share.

We adopted a highly emotional and evocative style in our film idea that tells a universal story about mothers and their children. Understanding who our audience is and leveraging emotional content engagement will significantly improve the ROI of an online campaign in terms of cost and reach. The creative idea also lends itself to a cross platform compatibility as suggested in our set of deliverables.

Women on FB (18-49)
Emotional Impact KPI
vs non-emotional video KPI
The Difference

Highly emotional content fuels viewer engagement and organic shareability.

Social Marketing Toolkit
Case Study - P&G

The ‘Strong’ Campaign shows the special relationship between mother and child in a highly emotional narrative that seems them grow from adversity to accomplishment. Part of a series of highly awarded campaigns since 2012. Almost half of video comments contain emotional words and phrases such as ‘powerful’ showing how the video identified with its audience.

Case Study - Pampers

A showcase video that reflects Pampers internal brand restructuring, and commitment to creative advertising. A relatable set of stories of a variety mothers that share a universal commonality; the love they have for their children and how they want the best for them.

Case Study - Samsung

Samsung developed the theme of nostalgia and turned it on their head for this clever, funny and emotional ad campaign. A satire of disappointing product launches, they relied on the emotion of memories to tell an engaging story through the last decade of the protagonist.


30s Social Ad

  • Quantity: 1
  • Duration: 30s
  • Aspect: 16:9, 1:1

Fast cuts and a highly visual narrative style of the video will attract and maintain viewer attention and encourage engagement. Ends with pack shot of Mamil Gold and Dupro.

15s Social Ad

  • Quantity: 1
  • Duration: 15s
  • Aspect: 16:9, 1:1

A simplified and streamlined approach maintaining the same narrative of the longer version. 

6s Social Ad #1

  • Quantity: 1
  • Duration: 6s
  • Aspect: 16:9, 1:1, 4:5

A  sequence of pack shots through the years displays as a loopable video . This compliments the generational theme of the other videos, showing both Mamil Gold and Dupro again.

6s Social Ad #2

  • Quantity: 1
  • Duration: 6s
  • Aspect: 16:9, 1:1, 4:5

Derived from the longer 30’s cut, we adapt this narrative into a new form.  A mother feeding her child in a distinctively 90’s era. Match cut to the present day where the child has grown up and is now a mother feeding her own child. 

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Total Budget: €9,750

Estimate only, EUR, ex-vat.

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