Mood Film
AUD $22,500

1. Core – Snacking:

  • 1 x 15 second video for use across Facebook, Instagram and Spotify
  • 1 x 7 second Digital Out of Home (open to adapt of assets from above 15 second video)
  • 1 x Key Visual in landscape and portrait
  • ‘Flavour to Feel Good About’

  • value

  • flavour

  • simple

  • fuss-free

  • budget/mainstream

  • great taste

  • authentic

  • warm

  • open

  • conversational

  • passionate

  • joyful

  • positive

  • comforting


Me Time

A woman working in a stressful office, having a difficult day.

She makes soup on her break.  As she takes a sip and experiences the flavour, she becomes relaxed and happy.

Pack shot.  Call to action: “Flavour to feel good about”.



Snack Time



Me Time

A woman working in an office.  She looks stressed.

In a fast montage we see:

  • Typing on a keyboard.
  • A  heated discussion with colleagues in a meeting room.
  • Talking on the phone to a client.

And then she glances at the clock.  3:30pm.

Close up: she tears open a soup packet.

Hero shot: she sips soup from a mug.

The busy sounds of the office fade away.  She takes a moment to enjoy the flavour.  She exhales, her shoulders relax.

She glances over at a colleague.  He’s chewing fiercely on a muesli bar, still incredibly stressed.  Their eyes meet.  She’s smiling.  They both see the funny side and start to giggle.

We end on a packshot of the soup on her desk.

Call to action: “Flavour to feel good about”.


The focus of this concept is the idea of “Me Time”.

Work can be stressful.  A warm, delicious soup snack is the perfect antidote.

We are introduced to the office as an intense environment.  The cuts are fast, the noise is loud.

When we get to the soup break, that intensity dissipates.

The hero shot of the woman drinking soup is brightly lit with a shallow depth of field.  It’s slow and sensual.  The noisy office sounds go quiet.  The mood becomes tranquil.

This will help communicate a joyful feeling and the sense of comfort the flavour elicits.

Near the end of the ad there is a moment of humour: the women spots her colleague angrily chewing on a muesli bar while she peacefully sips soup.  The scene ends positively, as they both see the funny side. It’s a playful way of presenting instant soup as a more interesting, tastier alternative to other snacks.

Key Visual

The hero shot of the woman sipping soup will be the key visual.

She’s holding the mug up close to her mouth, looking down at the soup as she smiles.  Steam floats up from the mug.  The office background is a soft blur, as if nothing else matters during her break.

It’s an intimate image, emphasising a sense of comfort and bliss.

The call to action reads: “Flavour to Feel Good About”.



There will also be a cinemagraph version of this asset for social media and digital billboards.

On this version animated steam will float up from the soup mug.  It’s a subtle visual enhancement that provides a visual representation of flavour.


15 Second Video

We will shoot two versions of this asset.

Version A features a clock set to 11:30am.  It can be shown at the 10am – 12pm slot on facebook.

Version B features a clock set to 3:30pm.  It can be shown at the 2:30pm – 5pm slot on facebook.

These versions will be fine for Spotify, but for Facebook (which mutes videos) there will be motion graphics that play throughout the scene:

Tough day?

Have some Me Time.

Flavour to Feel Good About.


Key Visual

We will also make four versions of this asset.

Version A is a still image in landscape, version B is a still image in portrait.

Version C is cinemagraph in landscape, version D is a cinemagraph in portrait.


We will look to shoot in a large, airy office in London (where we’re based).

Ideally with white walls, large windows and good natural light to help achieve a bright, clean aesthetic.


As specified in the brief, this budget approximates costs for 1. Core – Snacking.

The video and key visual from this section will be the main re-usable assets throughout the campaign.  The bulk of the budget will go into filming the main video.

More information from the client at a later date regarding 2. Food Donation Initiative and 3. New Premium Vegetarian Collection will allow us apportion the rest of the budget appropriately at a further stage. 

Filmaker Bio

We are PRISM

We are a creative production company based in London, UK. We’re passionate about short form storytelling and specialise in online branded content.

Fully equipped with in-house top of the range lighting and camera equipment, we are able to maximise budgets for all our projects, ensuring the highest production standards are always achieved.

We recently won a commission on Tongal, a platform like Genero.  The project was a 15 second facebook ad for an online mental health company called BetterHelp. We provided different versions of this video, including 6 second cut downs.

Prism director Dino Kazamia’s short comedy film “Kidnapped” screened at Austin Film Festival last year. DP James Duffy has shot for household names from Rebel Sound to brands like Vice and Samsung.

Fashion Film

Fashion film produced for men’s label Gresham Blake.


A selection of featured work produced by the Prism team.

Online Branded

Design competition video for Samsung and Dezeen.

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