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2x 1 Min Web Videos

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Video 1 - Natixis Equity Derivatives

Your Money in Action

Key Natixis team members (international) interviewed in office explaining the equity derivatives business and Natixis’ unique approach.

Alongside interviews we show striking images of the different core industries Natixis invest in to give context to the scale of operation that Natixis’ clients can be part of.

This will suggest strong reliable investments and being part of something greater. It also will show how client’s can make their money work for them.

Talking Head Interview


Dramatic B-Roll


Talking Head Interview


Dramatic B-Roll


Key Message

Natixis Equity Derivatives

Our objective for this concept was to encourage viewer confidence in the Natixis Equity Derivatives system and consequently their investment decision. We felt making a strong and visual association at a macro level to big industries such as aviation, real estate and energy will give a prospective client added confidence knowing they are involving themselves with something international and well established.

The key Natixis team members being interviewed will ground this macro level concept and introduce a human element to the presentation which is identifiable to the client or prospect. This is similarly an opportunity to explain simply core messages that need to be communicated in a clear understandable way.

We feel this combination will satisfy an overarching impression of a dynamic, modern and powerful business.

Video 2 - E-Maps

Its Easy

A smart ‘single take’ piece to camera style video of what E-Maps are and why a prospect should try it for themselves.

A Natixis team member sitting at a desk speaks to the viewer directly briefly introducing E-Maps and the benefits of it. As the camera approaches we end up over the shoulder of the presenter and can see the E-Map platform in action on screen.

This will function as an engaging way to explain relatively dense information and importantly to also see the platform in use. The more casual tone of the presentation will also make it easier for the viewer to understand while at the same time conveying the expertise and modern image of Natixis.

Filmaker Bio

We are PRISM

PRISM is a creative production company based in London, UK. We specialise in producing short form digital video content for brands.

Fully equipped with in-house top of the range lighting and camera equipment, we are able to maximise budgets for all our projects, ensuring the highest production standards are always achieved.

We have produced videos for top financial services companies including HSBC, Investec and Accenture as well as global technology brands such as Samsung and Apple.


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